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Technology to ignite your Events

What we stand for…

At EventWorks, we are passionate about technology and its potential to transform events into extraordinary experiences. Our mission is to empower event organisers with the tools they need to harness the power of data and tech to take their events and attendees to the next level.

Ticketing Platform

Our revolutionary ticketing solution, designed specifically for event organisers like you. With our innovative platform, you can effortlessly manage ticket sales, maximise attendance, and provide a superior experience for your attendees.

Our cutting-edge system offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline the ticketing process, from event creation to post-event analysis. Benefit from advanced features like real-time sales analytics, customisable ticket types, and automated marketing campaigns to drive ticket sales and boost attendance.

Our platform also offers seamless integration with your existing event management tools, allowing for easy data synchronisation and a unified event management experience. We're innovating the the future of event ticketing and empowering organisers with our game-changing solution.

Event Payment Solutions

Our groundbreaking cashless payment system, designed to transform the way transactions are handled at events. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying cash or dealing with long queues at payment counters. With our innovative solution, attendees can enjoy a seamless and secure cashless experience throughout the event.

Our system leverages cutting-edge technology, such as NFC wristbands or digital wallets, to enable quick and convenient transactions. Attendees can effortlessly make purchases for food, beverages, merchandise, and more with a simple tap or scan.

The system also offers real-time transaction monitoring, enabling event organisers to gain valuable insights into attendee spending patterns and optimise their offerings. With enhanced security features and built-in fraud protection, both attendees and organisers can enjoy peace of mind. Embrace the future of event payments with our revolutionary cashless payment system and unlock a smoother, more efficient event experience for everyone involved.

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